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You want to grow together with us?

To this end, we now offer you our own business concept, where you can Modelled on LR's commission plan you will also share in the revenues generated by you.

For a direct recommendation you can save up to 48€. Commission received.

You start directly with 10€ per recommendationwhich you can redeem directly or even get for a total commission of 50€ or more. pay out can leave.

For referrals that are created in your downline, you will receive 2€ in the first level and 1€ in the second level. Side-Booster-Bonus from a total turnover of 2.000€, which earns you a total commission of up to 21% enables.

Up to 21% from turnover

You will receive more and more commissions in an increasing progression, depending on the total turnover achieved.
The Full 21% Turnover share are already being used from a Total turnover of only 8000€ distributedYou'll earn more faster that way!
Make your first order now and automatically receive your invitation to our VIP Club!

Order directly 10€ cheaper with first order?

Have you been recommended to the shop? By clicking on the referral link, you will automatically receive a €10 discount on your first order. The same applies to links that you share yourself as a VIP Club member. Your referrals will be rewarded with the €10 discount.

First earn, then shop cheaper yourself?

You want to apply directly for the VIP Club apply?
Register here and get the opportunity to recommend our products yourself and earn money even before you place an order.
From €50 you can already pay out your commission.

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